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Suzhou Tianfeng

Environmental Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

We have more than 10+ years of manufacturing experience

We are a leading effective infection control specialist, anti-bacterial and flame-retardant hospital disposable curtains manufacture. With our high-quality products, we have become one of the most trusted companies in the industry for medical facility.

Our commitment to delivering results has enabled us to build long standing relationship with our customers all over the world and follow through on our promises every time.

Suzhou Tianfeng Environmental Materials Technology, established in 2008, is a comprehensive enterprise specializing high-quality hospital disposable curtains with ability of research and development, design and production. Our products include standard disposable curtains, mesh curtains and printed curtains. All with hooks and heat-label attached. Our new generation disposable curtains are designed to replace the existing reusable and washable curtains with significant cost savings and improved infection control.



This production line is filament polypropylene fiber spunbonded nonwoven fabric equipment. Its raw material is polypropylene(PP). The nonwoven fabric we produce has high strength, good softness, innocuity, anti-bacterial, corrosion resistance, high-level draw strength and elongation rate. The colour and weight of the fabric can be different according to customer’s demand.


Rich Experience

13+ years' experience manufacturing disposable cubicle curtains.

International Standard

Proven to meet international standards of anti-bacterial and flame retardant.

Antibacterial Production

Independent anti-bacterial production line.

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